Central European Architecture Film Collection

The Central European Architecture Film Collection is a continuously growing archive of architecture and urbanism related films witnessing the changing architecture and urban landscapes of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

Architecture and the urban transformation of the Post Socialist urban landscape have been a very inspiring themes for video artists and filmmakers. The archive aims to collect videos, short and feature films that provide new viewpoints to look at the transformation processes and specificities of Central European cities. The diversity of genres and content makes the database adopt for a variety of contexts, works can be selected from it along a wide range of curatorial concepts to set up architecture film programs in the region and beyond.

The collection is accessible through travelling screening programs and serves a tool to program future events on film and architecture from a regional perspective.

The collection is collaboratively curated by members of regional organizations: Pál Czirják (KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, Budapest), Jana Pavlova, Martin Hruby (4AM Fórum pro Architekturu a Média, Brno), Lukasz Ronduda (Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw),Szymon Żydek (Fundacja Nowej Kultury Bec Zmiana, Warsaw).